First aid refresher training for tandem paragliding pilots

refresh your first aid training!

Fortunately, few accidents happen with tandem flights. But shit happens! Are up to handle the situation of emergency? Are you able to react correctly in the event of a possible heart attack? Do you know where the nearest defibrator is? How does the alert work here in Switzerland and what should you pay special attention in the case of a helicopter rescue?

In the refresher training we challenge you in challenging emergency scenarios that will demand a lot of attention from you. You will learn to keep track of things in practical exercises and to draw your attention to the important aspects of emergency management. In this way, you will learn how to successfully provide first aid in an action-oriented manner and - if necessary - to alert the emergency services correctly.

With special attention to emergency management with guests

Compared to the classic first aid trainings, the focus of this refresher is on accidents that can occur while accompanying guests on the way to the take-off site, during take-off or landing. You are quickly called upon to provide assistance and patient care until the rescue team arrive and at the same time take care of the other passengers.

Therefore, the following topics are considered and practiced in the course in addition:

• Emergency management in the event of accidents thanks to a clear algorithm

• Dealing with groups in emergency situations

• Proper delegation of tasks, including to guests

• First aid outdoor equipment for pilots


Including BLS-AED-SRC certificate (Generic Provider)

All parts of the BLS-AED (Generic Provider) refresher course are taught by SRC-certified instructors. After completing the course, all participants receive a BLS-AED ID card certified by the Swiss Resuscitation Council (SRC). The certificate is valid for two years.


In cooperation with the Ambulance Service of Spital STS AG

We organise and run our outdor first aid trainings in cooperation with the Ambulance Service of Spital STS AG Thun. They are in charge for professional rescue in Thun area and the western Bernese Oberland.

Goals and participants

training abjectives:

The participants are able to set the right priorities in an outdoor emergency and to initiate basic life support and provide first aid. If necessary, they alert the emergency services and assume responsibility for the other guests.


Commercial and non-commercial paragliding tandem pilots

Costs und conditions

Course fee

A tandem flight without photos ;=)  CHF 180.-

The course fee includes the training and the required training materials. Personal equipment and Food are in the responsibility of the participants.

The general terms and conditions of Drudel 11 apply.


22 June 2023

09.00 AM to 5.30 PM


Michael Ingold, Lead trainer Outdoor First Aid at Drudel 11, tandem pilot SHV, BLS-AED instructor, First Aid 3 IVR

Stefanie Perren, paramedic, head of education at Ambulance Service at STS AG Thun, she has many years of experience in guiding trekkings and canoe tours in Canada and the USA

2 instructors from 9 participants on


3824 Stechelberg

Paragliding School Born to Fly Wyss+Feuz, Sandbach 250d, 3824 Stechelberg

Registration deadline:

30. April 2023


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22. Mai 2023 (deutschsprachiger Kurs)

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